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Luonto Furniture

Luonto Sleeper Sheets

Luonto Sleeper Sheets

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Many have asked and we have listened.

We now have our very own Luonto Mattress Bed Sheet Sets specifically designed for our sleepers. 

200 Thread Count

100% Cotton

Contains :

One (1) Fitted Sheet

One (1) Flat Sheet,

Two (2) Pillow Cases


Michael + Seth's Take on Thread Counts

Thread counts can be misleading because manufacturers often inflate the numbers by counting each strand in multi-ply yarns, which doesn't necessarily reflect better quality or comfort. A high thread count doesn't always mean better sheets; factors like the quality of the cotton, the type of weave, and the finishing processes also play crucial roles.

For instance, your 100% cotton sheet with a 200 thread count can feel heavy and soft because it's made from high-quality cotton and has a good weave, which contributes more to its comfort and durability than just the thread count.

Not compatible with Noah, Delta, Halti, Flipper, and Dolphin Sectional. 
For these products we recommend using a flat sheet.

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