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Why We Travel... and Tell You About It!

We love to travel! We love to learn! We love to explore! So we make time for it, we prioritize it over other activities or responsibilities. No one else is going to put us first, so we make sure to put ourselves first. Being "selfish" with your time, energy, and even money is okay... perhaps even what is needed in your life to make it worth living. When we share our adventures and crazy fun life, it isn't about "Look at us! We are amazing!" We share to encourage others to pursue their passions like your life depends on it. And in many ways, your life does depend on pursuit of your desires and passions. Perhaps that is why we are here, to live life. So as you check out our adventures, start planning your next adventure. It might not be travel, it might be hosting dinners with people you love or volunteering at your favorite charity. In your own way, get up and live this life! From our experience, it is worth the effort.

Big Bend National Park Texas

There is a lot to explore in this amazing National Park. It is way off the beaten path, but that is part of what makes it so special. People travel from all over the world for the birdwatching, star gazing, hiking, scenic driving, and more. Escape modernity in this expansive park full of diverse terrain that is anything by boring.

Big Bend Blog and Video

Sedona Arizona

This small city has a lot to offer. Do you like to hike, shop, eat amazing food, Zen out to gongs, relax and stare at mind blowing red-rock cliffs, or test your Jeep driving skills on challenging terrain? Sedona might be worth your time

Sedona Blog & Video