Why We Love Sedona?

Sedona, with its breathtaking red rock formations, is a haven for nature enthusiasts and soul seekers. Whether you’re a foodie, an adventurer, or simply seeking tranquility, Sedona has something to offer. Here’s your curated guide to making the most of this captivating city

  • Pumphouse

    We ended up eating breakfast here almost every single day we were in Sedona. We brought our 'A' game to secure fireplace-side tables right as it opened.

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  • Tamaliza

    Fresh ingredients and plenty of vegetarian options for us. This place was incredible, with a family story you could taste in the food. No alcohol.

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  • ChocolaTree Organic Eatery

    We were in heaven with endless organic and vegetarian options. This place nourishes the mind and body, surrounded by a like-minded community. Lots of non processed sugar desserts too.

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  • Momo's Kitchen (Food Truck)

    We got to meet Momo, and we even went back for another Korean entrée! This place was amazing, and sitting outside on the picnic tables surrounded by red rocks was a bonus.

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  • Picazzo's Healthy Italian Kitchen

    A regional chain with the most delicious menu. They even have a separate vegan menu. We hit this place up multiple times and enjoyed the bar for a happy hour when they were slammed. We like to get a little buzzed here.

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  • Devil's Bridge

    We'd recommend doing this hike at sunrise or getting a dropped off. It was the busiest trail we tackled in Arizona, but there's a good reason for its popularity. Definitely worth the effort

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  • Soldier's Pass

    We spent half the day hiking through miles of trails, hitting all the must-sees like Devil's Kitchen sinkhole, the sacred pools, and Soldier's Pass Cave.

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  • Bell Rock

    Even if you don't get the whole vortex vibe, this hike is still really fun. There's this less known trail that loops around the bell – we totally missed it the first time around. We started off biking from Yavapai Vista Point.

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  • Snoopy Rock / Margs Draw Trail

    We treat Snoopy Rock like our own private café, bringing a thermos of coffee up several times. Take the Margs Draw trail around behind Snoopy and work your way up the unmarked trail.

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  • Airport Mesa

    We did the entire Sedona Airport loop (hike only), with little planes flying overhead and amazing views. Visited the Airport Mesa on our bikes. Then experienced a crazy downhill ride on a bike down Brewer Trail.

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  • Hangover Trail

    A perfect final trail for us, offering sweeping panoramic views of Sedona. We biked until we couldn't anymore and hid our bikes in some brush. The end felt like walking on Mars.

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Where we Stay

Rancho Sedona

As good as any RV campground we've visited. BYO bedroom, though, as we travel in our truck camper. This place is nestled along Oak Creek, and you can walk to trails, the Pumphouse for breakfast, and bike further into town easily.

Rancho Sedona

Where we Day Trip

Jerome, AZ

Jerome, Arizona, was founded in 1876 and quickly became one of the wildest mining towns in the West, famous for its vast copper mines. It transformed from a bustling mining community to a virtual ghost town, and now thrives as a popular tourist destination and artist community, perched high on Cleopatra Hill overlooking the Verde Valley.

Don't miss Nellie Bly Kaleidoscopes & Miner's Cafe.

When We Go

December - February

We visited Sedona in December and February of 2023. February brought unusual snow, finding us in shorts some days and snowpants on others. The red rocks against the snow were stunning. February saw fewer people, but we still hit the trails and parking lots early or biked. We'd then enjoy restaurants at happy hour right at 5pm. Locals tell stories of hot and crowded summers that are just off brand for us.

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