• What Sleepers Can Be Customized?

    Any sleeper or recliner on our website can be done in one of our custom fabrics or leathers! So, check out the Sleeper Page to find a sleeper style and size you want to customize.

  • How Much Does It Cost?

    If you choose a Grade A fabric, and there are plenty, it's about 15% more. The price increases the higher the grade. Leather in the lowest-priced grade (and most durable) can be about 80% more than the stocked fabric price. Our leather prices tend to be thousands of dollars less than other American brands but are held to a higher European standard.

  • How Long Does It Take?

    Allow just under 2.5 months for your order to be crafted in Finland and set up in your room of choice with a white glove delivery appointment.

Browse All the Fabrics & Leathers

This Link will take you navigate you to Luonto's page to browse images of the fabrics.

Fabric Video Tour

Check out Michael flipping through all the Grade A fabrics. Narrow it down to three you like and order samples using the form below.

Custom sleepers are made in Finland.

Approximate Pricing for Grade A Fabrics:

Monika, Elfin, Erika, Ethos, Nico
Cot:  $1,900
Full XL: $2,800
Queen: $3,000
King: $3,400

Fantasy, Belton (Manual), Paris
Cot: $2,700
Full XL: $3,700
Queen: $3,800
King: $4,300

Sectional/ Sofa Chaises
Delta, Halti $5,500

Recliners Manual $2,000
Recliners Power $2,900

Watch the Fabric Video Tour

Order 3 Custom Fabrics & Get a Quote

Fill out his form to get up to 3 custom fabrics mailed to you and a custom quote from the owners.

Custom Real Leathers

The leather comes from Italy, and your sleeper is made in Finland. Our least expensive grade is actually the most durable.

Estimated Pricing for 1000 Grade Leathers

Monika, Elfin, Erika, Ethos, Nico
Cot:  $3,000
Full XL: $4,500
Queen: $4,900
King: $5,500

Fantasy, Belton (Manual), Paris
Cot: $4,400
Full XL: $6,000
Queen: $6,100
King: $6,900

Sectional/ Sofa Chaises
Delta, Halti $8,000

Recliners Manual $3,100
Recliners Power $4,600

  • Soft Antique 0000

  • Soft Antique 0100

  • Soft Antique 0127

  • Soft Antique 1100

  • Soft Antique 1254

  • Soft Antique 1609

  • Soft Antique 1725

  • Soft Antique 2215

  • Soft Antique 4100

  • Soft Antique 4340

  • Soft Antique 7300

  • Soft Antique 9030

  • Aqua Clean

    Bellagio, Mystic, Naomi, Otaru

    With just water, you can tackle stains effortlessly. It has an invisible protective layer on every fiber, preventing dirt from seeping in. These fabrics are washable, antibacterial, and highly resistant to stains. Easy maintenance, maximum convenience!

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  • EasyCare

    Diamonds, Nuvola, Stark, Yedi

    Feel free to live on your sofa. Don’t worry about stains. You can easily remove them by using water and mild soap.

    Green and clean! Our EasyCare collection is eco-friendly, without chemicals.

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  • Performance: SMART Fabric


    This easy to clean fabric has a nanoparticle finish, which effectively blocks the ingress of dirt. This technology allows the removal of even tough stains without the need for chemical agents, simply use water. Thanks to this technology, stains such as a ketchup, coffee, and ink can easily be removed.

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  • All Biege / Tan / Brown Options

    We have heard there are not enough stocked fabrics in the brown family. So watch this video on all the brown, tan, beige, and taupe fabrics in every grade.

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  • All Soft Velvet Like Fabrics

    Bellagio, Dylan, Elegant, Glamour, Luxor, Matrix, Megan, Style

    Check out this video with velvet-like soft feeling fabrics with all the durability and cleanability of other Luonto fabrics.

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