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Seth Michael

Luonto 1000 Grade Leather Sample

Luonto 1000 Grade Leather Sample

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Can Only Send 3 Sample at a Time! 

We will reach out and ask you what sizes(s) and sleeper name(s) you would like a price quote on first before just sending a sample. 

This is colletion is REAL Leather from Italy 

Sleepers and Recliners are Made in Finland and take about 2.5 months to be in your home. 

About the Leather 

MOST DURABLE Leather Grade & Leat Expensive 

Corrected Grain, Pigment Improved & Grain Embossed 

Corrected grain is leather from the upper part of the hide where the surface has been polished or buffed.  

Pigmented improved leather is the mostly highly treated  and therefore highly durable leather variety 

Embossed leather is real leather. They have been stamped with steel engraved plates. Once embossed, the leather is just as good as the original piece of leather.

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