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Floor Sample

Brighton Chair Floor Sample

Brighton Chair Floor Sample

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This photograph is our floor sample now on our showroom floor. 

Made by Hallagan Furniture in Upstate New York.

Designed by Michael & Seth.

33"W x 38"D x 34"H

Brighton’s low profile is great for casual conversation in an open setting; long sofas and sectionals make a compelling statement without being obtrusive. Highly versatile, Brighton can be either plush or clean and crisp.

  • Comfort. Very simply -- how it feels when you sit on it, or lie on it, or curl up in it. Hallagan comfort is long-lasting because we build it from the inside out.
  • Quality. We don’t cut corners in the design of our furniture nor in our material specs. Everything is manufactured in-house to maintain high-quality standards. That includes frames, springing, seat cushions, fiber backs, fabric and upholstery.
  • Experience. We have been family owned and operated for over 115 years and have great respect for the accumulated knowledge of our employees.
  • Technology. We embrace modern technology and lean manufacturing methods to increase production efficiency and value for our customers.
  • Choice. As much as possible we have let customers be in the designer seat as they create upholstery to their liking.
  • Fabric Selection. Our fabrics are designer correlated to mix and match. We will put any fabric on any frame. Fabrics are stocked at the plant in order to process orders quickly.
  • Made in America, in upstate New York.

Hands of Hallagan | Hallagan Fine Furniture

Hallagan is a fourth-generation family-owned and operated business, yet their employees are really what makes up the Hallagan “family.” Over a thousand skilled workers, men, and women have come through their doors over the past 100 years, with a strong work ethic and tradition of excellence that is alive and well today.

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