6 Tips to Work From Home

What We've Learned Working from Home Over the Last 6 Years!

1. Structure Your Day

Remote work requires a schedule much like a typical office job, except you’re the one holding yourself accountable. A simple daily to-do list can do wonders for keeping you organized, motivated, and productive as you work from home.

2. Get In the Right Headspace

When you work in an office, the daily routine of getting ready and commuting helps your brain get ready for the day. When you’re working remotely, you can create “start the day” triggers that get your mind ready for work in a similar way, like exercising, showering, and getting dressed... or at least out of your PJ's :) like you're going to work.

3. Carve Out a Place for Work

Whether you have a dedicated home office or are simply setting up shop at the kitchen table, establishing a designated workspace tells your brain that you’re in the place where you do work productively.

4. Background Sounds

When working from home, reducing distractions will help you maintain focus. Playing music in the background can be a good motivator, especially if it helps spark creativity, but keep the volume low, so you remain in the workflow. If you prefer background noise, sites like Coffitivity or Noisli will replicate the ambiance of a coffee-house. Take a break from the news, allowing yourself to focus on the job at hand.

5. Take a Break

It can be easy to get so focused on your work as a telecommuter that you avoid breaks altogether. Make sure you are taking periodic breaks to relax and recharge. Rather than checking social media, use your breaks to step away from your desk. Go for a short walk outside, stretch, or spend time with others who might also be in the house.

6. Stay Connected

Working from home might seem like a solo experience, but it usually still involves interacting with others, whether it’s meeting with your team, getting assignments, making decisions, or giving and receiving feedback. It’s important to set up methods for collaboration and social interaction while you work remotely. There are any number of videoconferencing apps (we love Zoom) that allow you to work face-to-face while still keeping your distance.

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