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Bedgear Mattresses

Ver-Tex 6.0 Mattress Protector

Ver-Tex 6.0 Mattress Protector

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Built for hot sleepers or hot climates, our coolest protector guards against spills, dander, mites and more, while keeping you comfortable with a top layer of our patented heat-deflecting fabric. 

This Protector features our Powerband for secure fit and grip, keeping this layer smooth and invisible beneath your sheets - perfect for Adjustable Bases!

Ver-Tex fabric deflects heat and stays cool to the touch to regulate your core temperature.

Cushioned layer responds to your movement for dynamic support.

Waterproof barrier guards against spills and moves with you, so you won't even know it's there.

Protects against allergens for undisturbed sleep.

Keeps pet dander and dust mites at bay.

Easy to clean, thanks to its durable build.
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