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Dri-Tec Performance Sheet Set

Dri-Tec Performance Sheet Set

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Ultra-light and ultra-powerful, our most breathable sheets wick away moisture and heat for ideal temperature regulation. Thanks to a soft weave, they move with you throughout the night without bunching or catching. Powerband

Thread count ain't nothing but a number.
You've been told that high thread count means high quality. But in reality, all those extra fibers—while soft—just trap more heat.

We think your sheets need to be soft and breathable, so ours are both—and thanks to the CFM rating system, we can prove it.

Lightweight and supremely breathable, Dri-Tec Lite is our most advanced fabric in the Dri-Tec family, wicking moisture to keep you and your bed at the ideal temperature.
The material moves and flexes with your body without pulling or catching, so you stay comfy without the clingy.
A fit that just won't quit.
Dri-Tec Lite® Sheet Set
Our elastic Powerband® creates a no-slip grip that holds tight on all mattress heights and bases (including adjustable beds) with no baggy sides or bunching.
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