Centro Lift Desk

We believe an office should always be organized and efficient. But what if it could inspire productivity too? Innovative features are integrated into every BDI office collection, ensuring that they work every bit as hard as you do.

Raising the bar on the notion of standing desks, BDI Lift Desks provide the benefits you expect from a sit+stand desk, but with executive styling that takes your workday to a whole new level.

Centro Desk

The keystone of a Centro office set-up, the 6401 desk includes a flip-down keyboard drawer, lined with mouse-friendly non-slip material to keep a keyboard and rechargeable items in place.

Combine with other Centro office components to create beautifully functional workspaces of practically any size and configuration.

Combine the Return with other Centro components to create an extended workspace.

Satin-Etched Glass

The highly durable tempered glass work surface has an uniquely soft finish that is smooth to the touch, yet provides protection from dings, scratches - even fingerprints.


Height: 29"

Width: 66.25"

Depth: 26"


Height: 29"

Width: 40.25"

Depth: 18"


Height: 46" - 50"

Width: 25.25"

Depth: 24"


Height: 46" - 50"

Width: 25.25"

Depth: 24"

Height: 23"

Width: 15.25"

Depth: 21"

Height: 29"

Width: 15.5"

Depth: 18"

Height: 29"

Width: 35"

Depth: 18"

Height: 29” 

Width: 35” 

Depth: 18"

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