The most sophisticated outdoor lounging and dining system we have ever designed. The simple geometry and its clean lines make it an instant classic. Its compact proportions, combined with the lightness, strength and weather-resistance that only Kannoa can deliver, make it adaptable to any setting. The Florence features sturdy construction of lightweight aluminum frame with the use of the Serge Ferrari sling fabrics.

Florence Chaises

Florence Dining


Height: 14"

Width: 28"

Depth: 79"


Height: 32"

Width: 21.5"

Depth: 22"


Height: 30"

Width: 36"

Depth: 36"


Height: 30"

Width: 64"

Depth: 36"



We use only 100% non recycled, powder-coated, aluminum frames that are hand made by metal craftsmen and every joint point is professionally welded. The powder-coated finish, is permanently baked on and enhances the furniture’s scratch resistance. Our aluminum outdoor furniture resists rust and moisture damage better than other metals and is strong yet relatively lightweight, making it easy to rearrange and store. Built to stay beautiful and withstand the elements like rain, wind and heat.


Sunbrella is a leader in performance fabrics for awnings and shade applications, marine tops and covers, indoor and outdoor furniture, accessories and more. Outdoor living at its FINEST. Bring your outdoor space to life with Sunbrella. Fabrics as stunning as the great outdoors, with the strength to withstand the elements and all of life's moments (even the ones that require cleaning with bleach). Drapery made with Sunbrella fabric not only ties together your indoor and outdoor style, it protects you from the sun's harmful rays. The use of sheers, canvas, or decorative patterns will make your design flow from one space to the next. No outdoor space is complete without accessories such as a collection of throw pillows, blankets and even a rug. Pillows tie the look of a room together with color and texture and can easily be changed on a whim or for a seasonal shift.


Our durable sling is made from acrylic fibers that give a softer, more fabric-like look and feel but are indeed highly durable and designed for strength.

Our sling is tough on normal use and will not break easily. It is extremely UV resistant, durable and breathable. It is also well-tensioned to provide a sense of comfort with a ‘cushioning’ effect. Our sling does not hold any water. So, when it rains, the mesh allows for quick pass through of rain water and dries easily out in the sun. It can be simply cleaned with a quick spray to hose down any dirt. Our outdoor sling fabric is highly ideal for the tropics and its extremely wet season. Available in a variety of bold and traditional colors, our sling furniture can surely give any outdoor living space a more vibrant and modern look.

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